Armani / Dolci by Guido Gobino celebrates the arrival of spring and Easter with a new collection, enclosed in an elegant packaging.
In addition to the traditional 1 kg Colomba, the classic 230 gr dark and milk chocolate eggs are available, featuring the iconic Armani "A" in contrast, in the same delicate colors as the package.
The collection also includes milk chocolate eggs filled with hazelnut cream and dark with cocoa heart, presented in tins or in transparent boxes. For the pralines, the choice is wide: from pure (white chocolate, milk, gianduja and dark) to those with fruit, passing through the great classics such as dark chocolate with cocoa heart or white with salted almond, proposed in boxes of different formats.
The packaging is inspired by the Giorgio Armani spring / summer women's fashion show: the paper in shades of pink and blue has an iridescent effect and is closed by a ribbon matching the Armani / Dolci silver logo in relief.

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