Armani/Dolci celebrates springtime with new, elegant packaging inspired by the pictorial patterns from this season’s Giorgio Armani womenswear collection.


For the celebration of Ramadan, Armani/Dolci collection is inspired by the colours and flavours of the Arab world.
They new praline is strictly alcohol free.


The same precious and delicious chocolate pralines and bars, packed in an elegant brown box, are available only for a limited time at a special price.


Many gift ideas for every occasion. You can choose amongst our different proposals or contact us to get your personalized one with your favorite products. milano@armanidolci.com


Discover our three new delicious bars:
withe chocolate with grain salted nuts,
milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts and 75% dark chocolate with toasted cocoa nibs.
All three embellished with the iconic letter "A".


Armani/Dolci giveaway pralines are enveloped in an exquisite wedding pack, which recalls the fabric of an elegant white wedding dress, fastened with a white gros grain ribbon tone-on-tone and a silver Armani/Dolci logo.


Armani/Dolci pralines are available in 5 different blends: extra dark, dark, milk and white. Hand decorated or with the iconic "A", they might be pure, filled or cremino.
Available in loose trays for catering and events.


Discover our new tea and infusion:
Black tea Darjeeling, the champagne of teas.
Fennel Infusion, well known for its virtues.
Our range is enriched with exclusive products to give you an unique sensory experience.


Armani/Dolci biscuits are produced following the best recipes from the Italian tradition. Only few ingredients carefully selected, from fresh butter to 100% Italian wheat flour, from fine cocoa to the best coffee blends.

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