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Armani/Dolci offers a broad range of delicious and unexpected flavours, all presented in a refined packaging that pays homage to the Maison’s approach to design.
Limited edition collections mark the most important occasions, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Spring and Ramadan. The special collections are joined by an exclusive autumn limited edition inspired by the fabrics used on the Giorgio Armani catwalks.


Armani/Dolci marks the annual celebration of Ramadan with a limited edition collection inspired by the charms of the Arab world.


Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobinocelebrates Spring with the Italian traditional 1kg Colomba cake and chocolate eggs.


FArmani/Dolci by Guido Gobino celebrates Valentine's Day 2021 with two limited edition pralines, 75% dark chocolate with a delicate yuzu-flavoured filling and milk chocolate with a white hazelnut cream filling, combined with the more classic 85% white and dark chocolate.


For the 2020 holiday season, Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino offers all the flavour and authenticity of its products, wrapped up in elegant packaging inspired by the ikat effect of the Armani/Casa 2020 collection’s Portland fabric.


For Autumn 2020, the Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino collection has expanded with a new limited edition praline.


Armani/Dolci is pleased to present the new Spring 2020 collection inspired by the colours of the floral prints from the Giorgio Armani women's clothing collection.


Armani/Dolci celebrates Valentine's Day 2020 with a new milk praline filled with pistachio, and three chocolate discs in the refined flavours of white chocolate and salted dried fruit, 63% dark chocolate with hazelnuts, milk and pistachio nuts.


Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino celebrates all the taste and authenticity of traditional products with a new, refined limited edition collection for the Holiday season.


For the autumn season, Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino presents its most classic box of limited edition praline cubes.


To celebrate Ramadan this year, Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino proposes a special limited edition collection inspired by the magical Middle Eastern starry skies.


Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino celebrates the arrival of spring and Easter with a new collection, encased in elegant packaging, inspired by the Giorgio Armani women’s spring/summer 2019 fashion show: the paper, in shades of pink and blue, has an iridescent effect and is tied with a matching ribbon, with an embossed white Armani/Dolci ‘AD’ logo.


Armani/Dolci is celebrating Valentine’s Day 2019 with a special collection and a new, refined praline coated in dark chocolate, topped with crispy raspberry pieces and filled with coconut cream. The treats are presented in romantic bright red packaging with a marble-effect print.


This autumn Armani/Dolci presents a unique selection of chocolates in specially-created packaging, inspired by the colours and prints of the Giorgio Armani autumn/winter 2018/19 womenswear collection. The chocolates come in three different flavours: 75% extra dark chocolate and blueberry aroma decorated in blue; 56% dark chocolate with saffron filling and mandarin aroma decorated in yellow; 56% dark chocolate with earl grey flavoured filling and raspberry aroma decorated in pink. The boxes of nine pralines are wrapped in stylish multi-coloured paper and tied with a two-tone grosgrain ribbon with the Armani/Dolci logo in contrasting silver.


To celebrate this holiday season, Armani/Dolci offers a taste of authentic flavours, created with refined craftsmanship and unique raw materials for this special collection. Bright red paper with metallic tone-on-tone highlights envelops the panettone and pandoro elegant gift boxes, as well as the boxes of pralines, chocolate squares, dragées and marron glacé, creating a refined combination of shades of red. A grosgrain ribbon with the Armani/Dolci logo in gold completes the packaging. The panettone is also available in a pear and chocolate version, both in the classic 1kg size and the smaller 100g option, presented in a small tin box.


Armani/Dolci brings a touch of elegance, magic and natural sophistication to this Spring season. Just like the Giorgio Armani 2018 Spring/Summer Runway Show.


This year, for the celebration of Ramadan, Armani/Dolci has created a limited edition collection inspired by the colours and flavours of the Arab world. The sophisticated packaging is made from gold-coloured paper with an embossed effect in the shape of a pistachio flower, a plant native to the Middle East. The tassel and hot-pressed logo, both in contrasting emerald green, complete the design. The delicate praline, created especially for Ramadan, is made from white chocolate with salted dry fruit and a subtle hint of pistachio. Strictly alcohol-free, the chocolates are available in boxes of 16, 36 or 64, along with a selection of classic pralines featuring an embossed letter ‘A’ and filled with various flavours.

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