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Among the different types of honey, the Acacia Blossom Honey is, without doubt, the most known and appreciated in Italy.
It is a characteristic light-colored honey, liquid physical state, smell, and taste light and delicate. These qualities are not found together in any other national production.
An organoleptic level is generally liquid, the color is very clear, and the smell is light, reminiscent of flowers or just fruity. The flavor is very sweet, with light acidity. The aroma is very delicate, typically vanilla, confit, very persistent, and no aftertaste.
It is an excellent sweetener because the very delicate taste never cover other savours.
Wonderful to taste with blue cheeses like Roquefort or Gorgonzola.
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Ingredients INGREDIENTS:
100% Italian honey. DO NOT CONTAIN ADDITIVES

Energy 1394 kJ Energy 332 kcal Fat < 0,1 g of wich saturates < 0,1 g Carbohydrates82 g of wich sugar 80 g Proteins 0,8 g Salt 0,1 g
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