Offer masterpieces of taste with Armani's style.

Full of suggestions and ideas to meet every need, Armani/Dolci offers an unique sensory experience through the careful selection of the finest raw ingredients without the addition of artificial flavours or preservatives. The range of products is exclusive and distinguishes itself not just by its high quality but also the rich and sophisticated image of its refined packaging. You can choose one of our proposals or contact us at to create your own one.

  • Gift box containing Jam and Chocolate Squares GIFT BOX CONTAINING JAM AND CHOCOLATE SQUARES 39,00
  • 5 assorted Chocolate Bars 5 ASSORTED CHOCOLATE BARS 45,00
  • Gift box containing a 4 pralines box, a cocoa spread with hazelnuts and a chocolate bag GIFT BOX CONTAINING A 4 PRALINES BOX, A COCOA SPREAD WITH HAZELNUTS AND A CHOCOLATE BAG 59,00
  • Gift box containing tea, honey, berries, chocolate squares, jellies and sugar GIFT BOX CONTAINING TEA, HONEY, BERRIES, CHOCOLATE SQUARES, JELLIES AND SUGAR 109,00
  • Gift box containing candied chestnuts and a chocolate selection. GIFT BOX CONTAINING CANDIED CHESTNUTS AND A CHOCOLATE SELECTION. 149,00
  • Gift box containing a chocolate selection GIFT BOX CONTAINING A CHOCOLATE SELECTION 171,00
  • Gift box containing tea, honey, cookies and chocolate selection GIFT BOX CONTAINING TEA, HONEY, COOKIES AND CHOCOLATE SELECTION 245,00
  • Gift box containing the complete assortment GIFT BOX CONTAINING THE COMPLETE ASSORTMENT 299,00