Pure and candied PGI certified Piedmont hazelnuts, almonds, oranges from Sicily and berries are covered in 56% or 60% dark chocolate, or milk chocolate, to create delicious dragées.

Candied ginger and orange peels are covered in 56% dark chocolate


  • Berries DragÉes 100g BERRIES DRAGÉES 100G 13,50
  • Assorted DragÉes 100g ASSORTED DRAGÉES 100G 13,50
  • Candied orange peels 200g CANDIED ORANGE PEELS 200G 24,00
  • Coated Ginger 200g COATED GINGER 200G 24,00
  • Berries DragÉes 300g BERRIES DRAGÉES 300G 30,00
  • Assorted DragÉes 300g ASSORTED DRAGÉES 300G 30,00