Armani/Dolci brings a touch of elegance, magic and natural sophistication to this Spring season.


Just like the Giorgio Armani 2017 Spring/Summer Runway Show, the Armani/Dolci collection is embellished by a hypnotic palette of blue and purple hues, with touches of white, greige and red.


A woven pouch, closed with a silver cord, envelops the iconic 16 praline box and the small chocolate eggs.

The chocolate eggs are offered in two new flavors: milk chocolate shell with white gianduia filling and 75% extra dark chocolate shell with dark cocoa cream filling. They are available in 100g and 300g gift bags and 200g tin box.


The soft Colomba cake, made with premium quality ingredients, according to Italian traditional recipe, is incased in a printed case, trimmed with a branded grosgrain ribbon. It is available in 1Kg and 100g versions.


  • Gift Box 16 pralines - Spring Collection GIFT BOX 16 PRALINES - SPRING COLLECTION 39,00
  • Assorted Spring Eggs 100g ASSORTED SPRING EGGS 100G 20,50
  • Assorted Spring eggs 200g tin box ASSORTED SPRING EGGS 200G TIN BOX 31,00
  • Assorted Spring Eggs 300g ASSORTED SPRING EGGS 300G 37,00

  • 200g Easter Eggs 200G EASTER EGGS 69,00
  • Colomba Cake 100g COLOMBA CAKE 100G 15,00
  • Colomba Cake 1 Kg COLOMBA CAKE 1 KG 35,00