Perfectly square, perfectly unique: delicious and unmistakably Armani/Dolci pralines.

The most coveted and perfectly refined Armani/Dolci pralines. Bite sized treats with the full bodied flavour of bitter chocolate, the sweetness of milk chocolate, the softness of white chocolate and the unexpectedly delightful taste of grainy textured chocolate. Pure or finely garnished they are embellished with the Armany symbol "A" - the mark of Italian luxury chocolate - or handly decorated.

Made from the best Criollo and Forastero cocoa, which has been expertly processed, the Armani/Dolci pralines contain the finest ingredients sourced from Italy such as IGP certified hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachios from Bronte, saffron from Sardinia and oranges from Sicily.

Wrapped in an elegant and refined gold rose gift box covered by a matching grosgrain ribbon featuring the Armani/Dolci logo

  • Gift Box 16 pralines - Spring Collection GIFT BOX 16 PRALINES - SPRING COLLECTION 39,00
  • Gift box 64 pralines GIFT BOX 64 PRALINES 84,00
  • Gift box 36 Pralines GIFT BOX 36 PRALINES 58,00
  • Gift box 16 pralines GIFT BOX 16 PRALINES 30,00

  • Gift box 9 praline GIFT BOX 9 PRALINE 21,50
  • Gift Box 4 Praline GIFT BOX 4 PRALINE 14,50
  • Gift Box 2 praline GIFT BOX 2 PRALINE 7,50
  • Gift Box 1 praline GIFT BOX 1 PRALINE 4,90