I.G.P (Protected Geographical Indication) Piedmont hazelnuts, universally recognized as the best ones in the world, crunchy almonds and bitter oranges from Sicily are blended with dark chocolate or milk chocolate to create six delicious flavours:  Almonds covered in 60% dark chocolate  and in milk chocolate, Piedmont hazelnuts covered in milk chocolate and in 60% dark chocolate, Caramelized and ground Piedmont hazelnuts covered in 56% dark chocolate and Candied orange peels covered in 60% dark chocolate.

Discover also our delicious dragées berries: raspberries, blueberries and currant covered in 56% dark chocolate.             

  • Berries DragÉes 100g BERRIES DRAGÉES 100G 13,50
  • Assorted DragÉes 100g ASSORTED DRAGÉES 100G 13,50
  • Berries DragÉes 300g BERRIES DRAGÉES 300G 30,00
  • Assorted DragÉes 300g ASSORTED DRAGÉES 300G 30,00